YoHoHo – An Addictive Multiplayer Game

Yohoho io, a new pirate Battle Royale video game, is based on the popular gameplay. You can upgrade and buy a healer pet to restore your gangsters’ health. There are also new skins that come with new weapons, such as a sword, saber and pike. Gangsters io is a new mode of yoh ho io battle in which you must fight for gold, glory, and the crown of the last survivor of islands. A pet healer is now available to assist you.

Yohoho io is launched with 70 online players at once. Each pirate is born in a different location on the map. The starting place for each game is not the same. Every player starts at the same level. Here are some things to do when you start the game: How to navigate You may navigate your pirate 360.

Drag the screen to the place you want it to be. Make sure your pirate’s face is facing the right direction. It is crucial to know what angle you are looking at. How do I move? Click with your mouse to move the page. You can drag the screen to where you want it to be on a tablet or phone by using your finger.

Keep your finger on the screen to see what is happening. Your pirate will stop if you pull your finger back. It will then wait for your next command. Level up is a must. You can browse the map to discover treasure or gold that will make you stronger and more powerful. What are the benefits of leveling up? The answer is simple: As you get stronger and more powerful, your damage to enemies will increase automatically. To avoid losing the game, other players will attempt to escape you. To be the strongest, you must follow your enemy’s footsteps and not get lost on the map. Straight attacks are as important as keeping alive. Because enemies will not die just by looking at them. Use your weapon to move.

You can attack enemies in two ways. One is with your right hand, the other is with your left hand. They are both doing the same damage so it doesn’t matter which one you hit more. What weapon are you going to use? To damage your enemy, your pirate’s face should be directly in front of them. To stay alive, you must be aware of your angle. If you want to attack an enemy behind you, you need to change the direction of your pirate.