Elastic Man – A Funny Online Game

Elastic Man can be described as an exciting arcade game that lets you are able to enjoy an elastic facial. Drag and squeeze his face to ease stress and relax.

The game’s gameplay is easy and doesn’t require you to complete any task or perform any tasks, and lets you play however you want. All you need is an appropriate mouse your mouse and play around with the character’s face. Drag and click the mouse in order to enjoy the game. Let the mouse go to bring the face back to its initial position. This game is suitable for everyone, and offers simple control and fun.

The faces of babies inspire us to pinch and pull because of their cuteness and elasticity of the skin. Do you find it fascinating to pinch the cheeks children’s faces? One of the most fascinating aspects is the motion that the face’s skin makes. Every when you pinch or pull the face, you’ll be able to see the face return with fascinating skin movement. The facial movement is similar to waves in the ocean. Do you enjoy playing with a smooth, smooth face? Click the Start button in this game to relax with the flexible face!

Make a slur on the cheeks of the face and stretch your skin to the side or the right upwards or down. There’s nothing you cannot do. When you play with your face you can release it to be amazed by how the skin is restored to its normal. Whatever you do to alter the appearance of a person’s face it will be back to its original form.

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