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How To Youtube Video SEO To Rank Higher

Optimizing Youtube videos for search engines should not be a difficult task as long as you know what to do. If you look at some of the videos that have millions of views, you will notice that there is a specific way in which they are optimized. Since millions of videos are uploaded on this social platform every day, you may not get any viewership unless you your content can be found through the search bar, and on the first page. The following are some of the steps you should take if you want to know how to Youtube SEO for higher ranking.

Make the description at least 250 words long

Writing a few words and uploading them alongside a video as a description will not help you. It is almost impossible to write a description in just 50 words. Even when they few words say all that you wanted to say, anyone looking at it will not take it seriously. They may think that you are just another user that wants to have fun. However, if you make it at least 250 words long, everyone will know that you have something important to share. They also will know what to expect when they view the videos, and even click through to your site. It is all about showing how professional you are, and how much you value detail.


Know where to place your links

To maximize the CTR to your site, you should place your link at the very top of the video description. This is the first part that viewers look at, and they will be more likely to click through when they find it here. Although you can repeat the link elsewhere in your descriptions, do not overlook the top part. You also should resist the temptation to repeat the link too many times in your description because it makes it look like spam.

Place your keyword near the start of your video description

Have you identified the keywords for your targeted website? Ensuring that it appears in the first 25 words of your description will help to make the videos more visible. People will be searching for specific information and if they find your video, they expect to get the information fast. Be sure that some of these people will not read the entire description and therefore, they will be more likely to click on another video is they cannot see what they want fast.

Do not be the average Youtube user that does not care about the value that you give to your subscribers. To increase the reach, you may want to make your video easy to share across all platforms. If people keep sharing them, you will not even know it when they go viral, and get your overwhelming traffic. The best part is that all the major social media platforms have ready share buttons that you can use on your channel. When it comes to how to Youtube SEO, never forget to create unique, interesting, and fresh videos that people will like to watch.

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