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Top 5 Best WordPress Security Plugins

Now a day’s WordPress is getting more popular on internet. It’s the most used CMS Web Platform.

Every WordPress user should know how to secure his/her site from Hackers.

You have work through year to make your site and put too much effort and investment it’s same like real estate of the internet. So it’s necessary and a good advice for every blogger or website owner to keep his site from any kind of harm and malware.

Most of the users have some problems in there security issues on the themes they used so it’s always needed to have an effective Security Plugin for your website. That make your information more secure. We are introducing you some of the most common Security Plugins used by the WordPress Users.


All In One WordPress Security & Firewall –

“A comprehensive, user-friendly, all in one WordPress security and firewall plugin for your site.”

We all know the WordPress itself is a very secure and the WordPress developers making it more secure day by day. But there is still few security leaks present so we all want to make our site secure. The “All In one WordPress Security & Firewall” is one of the best solutions to keep your site secure from any kind of malware or hackers. It’s one of the top free WordPress security plugins with more the two million downloads/installations. One of the Best features of this plugin is that it has a very friendly user interface for a new user who is not familiar with security protocols. It helps the user by displaying the security meter on the main dashboard to help the user about the better understating of his site security level. One can add the security features like basic, intermediate and advanced.

Download All In One WordPress Security & Firewall

Some of the key features of the plugin included the password strength tool which makes the user create the stronger password. It gives your idea how strong your password is by giving you options (weak, medium, strong) when entering your password. It also uses the lockdown feature to block the IP addresses which keep’s making failed attempts to attack your site also known as Brute Force Attack.

WordFence Security Plugin –

The WordFence Security Plugin is the most popular and secure one for the WordPress Security. It is downloaded over one million users. It has overall 4.5 rating. It is 100% free security plugin and open source for all the other WordPress developers. It provides free the WordPress users from the hackers and other malware. In his free version, the WordFence work’s from the start to secure your site. First of all, it scans the whole site for the infected files and then tells you about the already infected files. Improves the authentication by using 2-step authentication. It will stop the brute force attacks on your site in its free version. It has some other great features also live it will constantly keep you updated with Threat Defense Feed, their Web Application Firewall will make your site 100% secure for getting hacked from external links. It will give you the real-time live visibility of all the traffic coming on your site and highlight the hack attempts made on your site.

Download WordFence Security Plugin

If someone wants a more secure environment for his site then he can get the premium license of the WordFence Security Plugin. Some of the Premium features of the plugins are Scanning of all the files, Blocking of IP addresses, Two-factor authentication, Country Blocking and Custom alerts.

iTheme Security –

iTheme Security Plugin is also one of the most famous Security Plugin. It is developed by the iTheme theme developers. They offer both the free and premium version of the plugin to the world of WordPress. As they are one of the best developers of WordPress platforms they know all the skills how to make a WordPress site secure for the world of a hacker. So it’s pretty much better for the WordPress User to have this theme to secure their sites. This plugin is great for the new user as well as for the advanced level WordPress user. The installation of this plugin is a very simple one-click step.

Download iTheme Security

They make a nice dashboard to make it easy to understand for the users. Some of the key features the iTheme developer implemented to make this plugin included, the Brute Force Protection from the Hackers, Two Factor identification method for secure logins , one of the interesting features is that it locks the users who log in with wrong username or password to the site certain times. It will monitor all of your core files and notify you if you made any changes.

Sucuri Security Plugin –

Sucuri is basically a monitoring tool for the WordPress developers and some user those have experience in WordPress. It provides you the key changes and activities which are performed on your site that can harm your WordPress site. As it needs a lot of better knowledge of WordPress for the user and he should be familiar with basic code and file system of WordPress to use this plugin.

Download Sucuri Security Plugin

This plugin is made for the developers to keep an eye on the security of the WordPress site working deeply. Some of the features of this site are File integrity Monitoring, Secure Activity Logging, Backlist Monitoring and Remote Malware Scanning.

WP Antivirus Site Protection –

WP Antivirus Site Protection is another famous WordPress security plugin, it has about more than 7000+ active installations. This plugin has an overall rating of 3.9 out of 5.0 with some impressive features in it. This plugin is free to use and open source also to make any improvements.

Download WP Antivirus Site Protection

This Security Plugin goes a bit deeper into your site to scan the infected files and make your site more secure. Some of the key features of this plugin are, it detects the backdoors, Trojan horses, and hidden links on your site, keep save your site from fraud tools, adware and make the required actions to clear your site from malware.

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