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Samsung Galaxy S8 Review, Specification and Details

Samsung galaxy S8 is one of the upcoming Samsung mobiles that can give the Korean manufacturer a chance to once again prove its mettle after the Note S7 debacle. With the exploding Galaxy S7 Note, the company has faced fierce criticism. They had to roll back all the Note 7 and then completely stop its production which led to a huge fall in their annual profits. What all does the S8 has in store cannot be known for sure until is actually launched. But in the next section let us explore the complete Samsung galaxy S8 review.


Upcoming Samsung mobiles – Samsung galaxy S8 review

Following are the features and specifications that Samsung galaxy S8 is expected to offer:

Bigger Screen and lesser sides: It is expected to have at least 90% of the space covered by the screen display instead of the 80% in the earlier models. It is also expected to get rid of its home button including the fingerprint reader and replace it with an optical sensor that will reside beneath the screen.

Get rid of the headphone jack: Like the latest iPhone model, they might get rid of the headphone jack and therefore the user will have to use Bluetooth connected wireless headsets or the ones that connect through its USB-C port. This is despite the fact that Samsung was always proud of its headset jack.

Extremely high resolution: It has been rumoured to provide an even higher resolution than the previous model along with a super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen and corning Gorilla glass 5. Moreover, it will have the multitouch feature.

Dual Camera: It will have a dual camera feature with the primary camera being dual 12 MP and the secondary camera being 8 MP. Thus there are two cameras at the back just like the iPhone 7 Plus. Moreover, its camera will have features such as geo-tagging, simultaneous image and video recording besides the all other usual features.


Pressure sensitive touch screen: This feature was expected in the old model as well but it was never there. This time, it is highly likely that the Galaxy S8 will have it.

Digital assistant called Bixby: Samsung has filed a patent for a digital assistant named Bixby. It is quite a strong indicator that it will be implemented in its next release in the form of Galaxy S8.

The real Samsung Galaxy S8 review can only be given once the users use it after its launch. What will happen, only time will tell! But it is highly likely that this phone will be a make or break case for the Samsung’s smartphone segment. They can again catch the buyers’ attention with exceptional features or with a low price. Or, they might end up destroying their name in the ever expanding Smartphone industry. With the features that they seem to offer, it seems that they will continue their journey in this industry, just that a mishap like Note 7 doesn’t happen again.

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