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On Page SEO – How to Add Title Tags, Long Tail Keywords and Meta Tags

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is very much famous these days. It is about ranking your websites on search engines. It isn’t only about link building, AdSense and website submission. Different steps are involved in it and they all should be completed right from the very start. Many people are talking about on page SEO and wants to know about on page SEO checklist. To be precise, on Page SEO is just like building your very own website. Below is the on page SEO checklist.


The first thing on page SEO checklist is Keywords. There are different tools available today that can help you search keywords. One of the famous tools is Google AdWords that can help you find targeted keywords. Keep it in mind that you are designing content for humans. You should add keywords in such a ratio that they don’t bore the readers. If there are long keywords, including them once or twice will be enough. You can make use of the long keywords to create genuine titles. You can find title section in any editor you are using. You must ensure that your title is readable and is correct. Below given is a simple example

(<title> How To Build Your Own Website – Design – Develop – SEO and get ready to see some traffic </title>)

Meta Description Tags:


Next in on page SEO checklist is meta tags. These tags are more than important for on page SEO. Having a specific content description will tell users what the website is all about. It is what is displayed to users when they search and your website is displayed. Google isn’t making use of them anymore but still they are of much importance. If you don’t want to include this meta tag description, snippets will be offered to you by search engine. Snippets are more often not that much useful to explain what’s on your page. Having meta data will ensure that users are able to get the best description of what they are looking for. Once again, keep it in mind that it will not improve your ranking.

You can easily add meta data in the meta tag when building your website. The name will be the title and content will be how you can add it.

For example:  (<meta name=” How To Rank your website on top of the search engines ” content = ” Build Your Own Website Today and Rank it on top of search engines to stat getting traffic to it. “>)

Meta Robot Tag:

Meta robot tag is another important aspect of web page. It should also be defined in your on page SEO checklist. Most of the people debate whether they should be used or not. There are few search engines that make use of it as default setting. In any case, it is better to have it. Meta Robot tags are of several tags. The one that is most beneficial is

(<meta name=”robots” content=”index,follow”>)


Things are very much easy nowadays. There are many simple tools that can help you from the very start. Make sure you completely understand the on page SEO checklist. Make use of such tools and get help in making your website ready for search engines.

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