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Reliance My Jio Apk 4g Sim Quick Review and Details

Living the dream of Digital India every day, many operators are coming up with a lot of useful apps which are making lives much easier than before. To further take the baton forward, Reliance has launched the Reliance Jio Digital Life Mission which proved a major step towards creating Digital India.  There are around 13 Reliance Jio Applications released recently by Reliance Jio Digital Life. Let us discuss the My Jio apk in a little detail.

How to use Jio app?

My Jio apk is available both in the Google Play and iOS Store. It provides the home page for all Jio apps. It helps to manage your Jio account and all the related services including the access to all the Jio apps. The best feature of My Jio apk is that you can view all the recharge and usage statement details. Further to this, there are other many interesting features of the My jio apk as detailed below:


One Stop for all Jio Apps

The size of the My Jio App is 19 MB. The user gets to use all the Jio apps at one place. So there is no need to have separate icons on the device and manage them. It ensures faster activity while you need to work on two apps together. If the user is using a Jio Sim, there is no need to enter the authentication details while logging in to the My Jio Apk. It saves the unnecessary hustle of entering the username and password details every time you need to use the app.

Instant checkout

All the account recharges and bills can be done here without entering the checkout details again and again. You can also save your card details here for faster checkout. You can manage multiple Jio accounts for your friends and family from the My Jio Account. There are different options given in the app to do the same.

Access Jio App centre

The users can access the Jio App centre through this app and download and update all the Jio applications from the My Jio app. You can manage the settings and set do not disturb preferences to restrict people to contact you.

Customize options

The user gets to customise their personal profiles, set limits on usage and put timely alerts to suit themselves.  All the transactions done on the App can be viewed directly in this app. For example, you can access your transaction history, call and SMS details etc. , all at one place. View your current account balance or amount due for payments,

User Rating

This app enjoys a high user rating because of the various features and the ease of use that it provides.
The above features can be accessed by any user after downloading the My Jio Apk and explore for themselves to customise according to their own requirements.

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