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How to Migrate a Blog From Blogger to WordPress

For new bloggers, Blogger is an awesome free tool to start with. However, for bloggers who want full control of their blog, they are better off with their own self hosted WordPress.org blog. Would you like to move your blog from Blogger to WordPress but you are afraid of losing some vital information? Website migration is easy since WordPress provides an easy option for bringing in blog posts as well as reader comments. However, you should be careful when switching to avoid losing your current feed subscribers, page rank, Google search traffic as well as backlinks. Let’s learn how one can move without losing any vital information.

How to perform website migration step by step

1. Sign up for hosting

To get started in transferring from Blogger to WordPress.org, you first need to sign up with a good hosting company such as BlueHost, Host Gator or Siteground.

2. Install WordPress

As soon as you have signed up for WordPress and set your domain name, you need to install WordPress on your hosting account.

3. Export your Blogger Blog

To be safe, you need to export your blogger’s blog content by logging into your blogger dashboard. Next, go to settings then under the Import and back up section, click on the  Back up Content’ button.

4. Import posts from Blogger to WordPress

This step is easy. All you need to do is to visit your WordPress admin, go to the left-hand bar and click on  tools’ then click on Import. On the import page where you are asked the type of posts you’d like to import, click on  blogger’.

Next, click answer ‘yes’ to install an  importer for Blogger’. Click to activate and install the plugin then click to permit WordPress to contact your blogger account. Next, you are required to follow the outlined steps in order to import posts from Blogger to WordPress.

5. Verify the content

You need to verify that all posts and comments have been transferred correctly to avoid losing vital information. This is done simply by comparing the number of posts and comments on WordPress to the number of comments and posts in Blogger. Take note of the extra page and post in WordPress since it automatically generates a welcome post when it’s first installed.

6. Set up permalinks

This is not a new word – it’s a term used for URL structure of personal page. To set Permalinks, you need to visit settings, and then Permalinks screen and choose Name and Month as your permalink structure. To minimize the number of broken links, ensure that the permalink structure in WordPress matches the structure on the old Blogger site.

7. Set up redirection

This is the most important step in moving any website to ensure that your users are redirected to your new website. To successfully redirect users, you need to do so at two levels. First you need to redirect blogger visitors to your WordPress blog then once they reach your WordPress site, you need to redirect them to the exact post they are trying to read.

8. Redirect Feeds

Since your subscribers on the old Blogger site won’t be able to notice the switch, you are required to redirect your Blogger feed to your new WordPress site’s feed. You do this by logging to your Blogger account then go to settings on the other page under the blog dashboard. Below the Site Feed section, click on ‘Add link’. This is where you enter your new WordPress site’s feed address.

9. Import images

While transferring data from blogger to WordPress, WordPress importer should download images automatically from your blogger posts into the WordPress media library. If it fails to download some images, there is no need to worry since you can import these images into WordPress and save.

Easy steps to get you happy! I hope you are now in a position to switch from Blogger to WordPress without losing any important information and Google rankings. All the best!

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