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19 Techniques to increase traffic your website

Customers traffic is the vital assets of any business, they are the one on which the success of a business depends upon. If you ask any businessperson what is their dream they all will reply to gain maximum traffic, same like other businesses the success of a website depends on the customer traffic, website developers used different techniques and methods to enhance their traffic. Listed below are the ways through which one can increase traffic to their website:

How to increase traffic to your website

1. Promote your website on social media:

Promotion is vital to bring your website in front of the people. In today’s world, social media are the best way to promote the website through paid advertisement. Remember to prepare your paid strategies that suit the aim. The purpose of the advertisement should not be limited to attract the customer; along with customers, it should also enhance the conversions.

The high commercial aim keywords must be added to the advertisements to increase the sales, these keywords are bit expensive but in the end successful will pay off.

Social media sites

2 Appealing contents:

How to get traffic to your website

Contents are the main ingredients of a website. Write appealing contents to attracts the customers and avoid monotonous. For appealing contents, blend short news-based posts with videos and long contents, data-driven and info graphics

3 Alluring headings:

The first thing that is noticed by the customer of any blog is headings; a blog without heading seems boring and is skipped by 99% of the users. Give special concentration towards the heading; make them alluring for the user. Before finalizing any heading make different heading and then select the most alluring among the all that suits best for the particular description.

4 Do not Ignore SEO:

SEO plays an important part in making the website successful. For SEO consider the following points:

  • Make the best from picture alt text
  • Create the internal links within the website
  • Pay attention towards the meta description
  • SEO optimization is not that difficult, you just need a little attention.

5 Prefer Long-Tail keywords:

SEO Long-Tail keywords:

Prefer using long tail keywords instead of commercial intent keywords. These keywords help to link to your website for major searches. Therefore, use them to enhance the customer traffic.

6 Give invitation to the guest bloggers:

Guest blog not only provides the platform to post contents on the blog of some other people but also enable other people to post contents on our website. The other sites will provide your link on their site that will help in increasing the traffic of the customers on your website.

7 Make powerful content that forces other users to link your website:

Instead of begging another web developer to provide your link on their website concentrate on your contents and make them powerful that other just can’t stop themselves to link your page.

8 LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is the most professional and the largest valuable social publishing platform. Posting regularly your website contents to LinkedIn will not only raise the profile of the website but also enhance the customer traffic.

9 Internal Links:

The success of a website does not depend on the counting of sites linking your page; internal links can also affect the success. While writing the content provides internal links throughout the website, these internal links help in better SEO and useful user experience.

10 Interview request:

Normally people think that the interviews are for the giant leagues but you will get surprised to know that many people want to talk to you about your website. Send the request through the mail to have an interview with the industry leader and publish that interview. This interview will help in boosting traffic and sharing the contents.

11 Emphasis email marketing:

Email marketing is the innovated way to increase the traffic, but remember not makes people fed up by sending every single non-important update through email.  Just send a limited number of emails to update them and attract the customer traffic.

12 Responsive site:

Technology is progressing day by day now the people do all their research on the mobiles rather than a personal computer. Make your website simple, responsive and comfortable for the mobile users. The difficulty is accessing the website will reduce the customer traffic and create the negative impact on the website.

13 Fast site:

In this busy present era, make sure your website is easy to access means it do not take time in opening. No one has a minute to waste and wait for the website to load. Make sure your website is easily accessible, technically optimized and contain images.

14 Promote community sense:

While preparing website make sure to promote the community sense.  Apply a vigorous commenting system to initiate conversation and enhance customer traffic. You can implement this by getting help from the third party such as Facebook Disque or comments. Supervise your community by maintaining the standards.

15 Welcome commenting:

Make your website welcome the user’s comments. Comments are useful in upgrading the website and increasing the customer traffic. Positive comments are taken as compliments whereas negative comments are used as a suggestion to improve the website. Improve the website accordingly and make your customers happy.

16 Analyze your Data:

Once the website is prepared, continuously analyze the data to improve the content and promotional strategies. Check the pages, which are least and most visited and make the changes on the web pages accordingly.

17 Stay active on social media:

Make your miss conception clear that is once you share your contents on any social media your duty is all over. To increase traffic, you need to be active on social media all the time. Make pages and let people interact with you via discussion forums.

18 Analyze your competitor:

To stay strong in the SEO it is important to analyze your competitor. There is software named BuzzSumo that is used to check the competitor websites.

SEO Competitor Analysis Tools

19 Attend Conferences:

Conferences are important to check out your strategies and make them up-to-date. Attend conferences that are related to your website and gain knowledge relevant to your website. This knowledge will help you in making your web page better and increase traffic to your website.

Follow the ways mentioned above and increase your traffic. Get started today and be the gainer!!

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