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How to Make Ad Hoc Network [PC to PC] – Best Advantages and Features

Ad Hoc connection is one of the types of computer networks. You must have heard of ad hoc connection if you have ever studied networking. Ad Hoc is decentralized, which refers that there is not a centralized computer. Ad hoc connection can be done in two different ways. The first is Direct connection and other one is Indirect connection.

Direct connection is between the computers and it is the direct 90 meter range of Wi-Fi network of the computer.

The indirect connection is between the computers that are not in a direct range but are connected through a mutually connected computer, a computer that is in connected with both of them. So, in order to ensure connection, both of them should be connected to the centralized one at first. When connected, the can communicate easily.

Creating Ad Hoc Network:

Creating an Ad Hoc connection is very easy. You can add it easily using window vista or any other operating system. A GUI tool will be used to create custom network on PC. If you are looking to create an Ad Hoc network or want to connect with others, follow these steps.

First of all go to the Control Panel by going on Windows Panel and pressing on Control Panel icon.

Next, click on the Network & Sharing Centre in the Control Panel. It will take you to a next screen.

On the left side you will see control panel home.

Plenty of options will be there for you. You need to click on Set Up a New Connection or Network under the Change Your Network Setting option. Click on this option.

It will take you to the next window. Here, choose the option of Set Up a wireless Ad Hoc Network. Click on the Next button.

A prompt up window will be shown. Click on Next again.

A window will appear where you will be provided a form to full. Enter the name of network and provide the security key. As soon as you will click on the next button, an Ad Hoc network will be created on your PC.

The status at start will be Waiting. As soon as any computer connects, status will be changed to Connected.

Main Features and Advantages:

It must be understood now that the main advantage of the Ad Hoc connection is to allow the computer to connect even through if they are not in direct range of each other. One of the advantages is that the node of all the systems in this network is same and they is no concept computers, slave, client or master computer.

One of the major advantages of link connectivity is allowing each of the nodes to take part in routing making use of data packet forwarding capability of each of the nodes instead of an alone and single note centralized for data forwarding. It is a new technique and adds much more flexibility and ease to life.

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