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How to Access Any Another PC Using the IP Address

Many people want to know how to remotely access another computer. Well, it can be done now. The process is simple and easy. Make use of following tips.

Using window 7, it is easy for you to know how to remotely access another computer. All the editions of window 7 allow users to access any other computer using either

  • A hostname: A label in alphanumeric format assigned to PC
  • An IP Address: IP address is a 32 bit numerical figure that is used to identify computer as well as its location through a Desktop.


It means, now the professionals can make use of a Remote PC to access the work without being in the office. As the IT administrators can easily create a connection to different employees PCs and can also help in case of any problem, there are some features that should be enabled on targeted PC to make a connection via a Desktop. Follow the below mentioned steps.

First of all sign in to the other PC as administrator. Click on the start button and type remote in the search bar. Next click on “Allow Remote Access to Your Computer”.

From Remote Desktop choose the option of “Allow Connections Only from Computer Running Remote Desktop With Network Level Authentication”

Now click on the OK button. The remote desktop connection is now enabled on targeted computer.

Next, go to any search engine and type ‘find my ip’. Results will be shown to you that will tell you the IP address of your machine. You will get a message like x.x.x.x where x is a number. It will appear on the top if you use Google.

Now log in to your computer or the computer which you want to access the computer you just allowed. Make sure you login as administrator. Follow the path

Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Remote Desktop Connection.

Here you need to enter the IP address of that computer which you just searched on Google. Now you have got all what you wanted. Click on the Connect button and you are done.


When understanding how to remotely access another computer, you must understand that selecting “Allow Connections From Computers Running Any Version of Remote Desktop” will allow users on Windows Vista and other earlier versions. One thing that should be kept in mind in this regard is that it is not or less secure.

If you want to allow standard users to access, i.e. users logging in not as administrator, you need to click on Select Users and click on the Add option. Here you need to enter the name of user. Click on Check Names option to ensue the correct account. Click on OK.


When understanding how to remotely access another computer, one thing to be kept in mind is that you just can’t make a connection with any computer running on any windows 7. Here you can make use of Remote Assistance instead of the above mentioned. Another thing here is that the user on machine much invite you for this first.

The above mentioned should have helped you knowing how to remotely access another computer. Make use of above procedure and get it done.

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