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How to get money online without investment

How to get money online without investment Is it possible to get money online without investing? The answer is an emphatic, NO! So the story ends there? Another, big No! So what is what?

Well, investment entails everything from thought to time to money to effort. Definitely, you cannot get money anywhere without giving one, a couple or all of the above. This means that you cannot really get without giving. That is the No part.
But that is also the yes part too. This is because if you agree that it is impossible to get anything without giving something then it will be a justified point to say there is never a free meal. Every circumstance is as a result of a preceding one whether directly or indirectly. However, there are free meals. People hit the jackpot all the time. Someone may be inheriting a fortune he or she never worked for as you read.

This brings us to the word itself: Investment. We will be explaining nothing if the term Investment is taken generically. To settle it and end the story, let’s explain investment in context. Investment here refers to making a monetary contribution to acquire a profit.

How to get money online without investing is a big deal in the first place because of the trend that has developed over time. Many sites had carved the habit of taking money online before even allowing a registration to their platform. In this piece come and let us explore the tried, tested and proven ways of getting money online without investment. The emphasis is on free money and those figures attainable are not meagre. Warning! These are not flukes or scams every method outlined in this piece work very well.

Searching for an additional well-paying avenue? Are you having doubts or questions about how to make money online for free? Have you ever wondered if all the hula boo about how to make money online without investment is for real?  If you are answering yes, then this article is tailored for you.  For the next 2 minutes, we are about to go on a life-changing journey. Probably, no one will ever mention any of these to you.

Below are 6 best ways of making money online without investment. Get ready…. go!

Earn Money Online without investment by Playing Game –


See the smile on your face. This is about the most exciting way to get money online without investment. Make some cool cash the more you enjoy some of your favorite online games. Even more interesting is the fact that it is not a winner takes all policy for earning money online. Win or lose, your free money will be piling up for you. (The more you play, the more you earn)

Earn money by playing games sites

Earn Money Online without investment through YouTube –

It gets better when it comes to earning money online without investment. The next stop is at the doors of YouTube. Did you know that YouTube pays you for the number of views you get for each video you upload? If you did not, sorry for you. You probably have missed a great deal all these times on all your videos. The good news is that it is not too late. I guess pulling your video camera out and taking capturing moments got a lot funkier and economical. Just remember that the videos must be relevant to attract higher viewership. Here again, the more the views, the more money.

Earn Money Online without investment by Clicking Ads –

Click! Click! Click!  This is a pretty simple way to making money without having to invest a dime in it. This is working for so many websites now. Get paid for clicking ads every day.A number of ads are generated on these related sites. Each ad that is clicked is validated and the money is sent to a predefined online account you indicated when registering onto the site.

Best clicking ads that pays :

Earn Money Online without investment by through Online Surveys –

Get paid money online anytime you state your opinion in an online survey. Answer simple questions from online research companies, businesses and even the search engines like Google and Yahoo. At the end of the question time, you get paid. This is one of the very few questions and answer times where your answers are not graded. You do not fail. Come to think about it, the validity of your answers may not really matter. Earn more and more cash online without any investment just by answering questions. Therefore, the more the questions answered, the more the money garnered.

Top online surveys sites :

Earn money online without investment by Blogging –

Google Ad-sense and co have made getting more from blogging the most attractive thing to do nowadays. Making money online for free through blogging is one of the most lucrative of all the methods outlined. From the comfort of your home, create content for your blog (an interest, a thought or a fact). While you are at it, the algorithm developed by the likes of Google Ad-sense allows you to make bundles of cash. Google Ad-sense posts ads and allows online marketers also to post ads on your blog. Once it’s there, it means you have given them advertisement space. And you know what that mean. You will cash in.

Earn money online without investment  through Referrals –

Getting free money online through referrals take the most effort in the pack. However, these methods are the most rewarding. With referrals, the companies require you to send out links to their sites to others who in turn must send to others. A network is built around the phenomenon and when the people in your network acquire referrals, the more you gain. This means that one referral from you may, in the long run, earn you millions as long as those in your network to are also getting referrals from elsewhere.

High Paying Referral Sites :

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