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Clash of Clans Apk Game Review and Gameplay Developed By Supercell

Clash of clans apk is a fantastic game by Supercell. Released almost three years ago, the game is still enjoying the widespread popularity. It not only attracts the new players but it is enjoyed by all the players that ever played this game. Based around the different ‘clans’, the game is centred around the clashes between the clans of different villages to attain the best resources.

Clash of clans apk – Why is it a great game?

Clash of clans apk is a free-to-play game that is available both for android and iOS devices. You can play it on a tablet or an iPad if you prefer a bigger screen to play your games. Your aim here is to beautify and enrich your village with tall buildings and facilities. Also, you have to strengthen your village by building defence structures and hence defend your place successfully.  Therefore, what you do is to attack other villages and their inhabitants. The battle or the clash lasts for long and hence the game keeps on entertaining you even after playing it for long.

Clash of clans apk-gameplay
What all can I do in Clash of clans apk?

All you have to do is to strengthen your village in terms of infrastructure and unlock new features in the process. Therefore, your village grows, at the same time, you extensively train your army for the subsequent battles. You can unlock 18 kinds of warriors spread across four tiers of troops. There is no rule as to what you should do while playing Clash of clans apk. You can declare war and raid other villages or you can peacefully keep on building your own. As said earlier, there is a lot to do. You can choose between several kinds of units and buildings. You can strategize the game completely according to yourself which includes deploying your army, planning war tactics by choosing to play with walls, cannons, bombs etc., designing the architectural layout of your village, and sustaining your clan. This is not all. There is a load of other great activities which you can enjoy in this wonderful game. You have to tread very carefully as one wrong move can destroy your clan completely.

Though the game is free to be played but at the same time, you can spend some real money to progress much faster in Clash of clans apk. Since the game is so addictive, it is really hard to stop yourself from spending some cash to enjoy it even further. It enjoys wide popularity and is a favourite game from people across ages. The developer, Supercell, updates the game pretty frequently, therefore all the bugs and fixes, if any, are taken care of regularly. Moreover, you also get new features to play with.

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Key features of Clash of clans apk at a glance

  • Free to play
  • Great graphics and sound effects
  • Enjoyed across ages
  • New updates released frequently
  • Choose your own strategy
  • Available for both android and iOS

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