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How to add funds to PayPal from credit card

The present technology era, there was a need to expand the goods and services business internationally but the problem was how to send and receive the payments. The typical method of payment and receiving via banks was a complex and time-consuming process. It took several days for the bank to confirm the payment and recivemnet. To eliminate the hurdle PayPal stepped forward and provided a simple idea of encrypted software that permits the two persons sitting in different countries to send and receive payments via computers. This easy, simple and fast method of money transfer has become now the world most vital money transferring methods.  Currently, PayPal holds almost one crore active users account in 190 countries.

Purpose of PayPal

PayPal provides its account holder to send and receive the payments electronically within seconds. It is useful for the purpose when we need to:

  • Sell or purchase goods and services
  • Receive or want to send donation

Payment through PayPal:

With the email id, you can send payment to any person having the PayPal account or not.

Receive payment through PayPal:To receive the payment through PayPal the receiver must hold an account with PayPal.

The Basic account is free of cost and most of the financial transactions are also free which comprises of purchases and payment acceptance using PayPal

The person who has a PayPal account can withdraw and add cash using multiple ways.

  • Link PayPal with bank account
  • Connect with credit cards
  • Use PayPal debit card  for making purchases or receive cash from ATM machine or asking for a cheque in the mail

Maintain PayPal account:

Follow the bellow listed steps to create a PayPal account.

  • Type the PayPal URL and open the page
  • Click the icon which says “ Sign Up

There are two types of account

  • Standard account

It is free but requires the customer to route through the PayPal

  • Pro account

The cost of Pro account is 30$ monthly. It gives you the right to maintain your account the way you want. Choose the account, which is suitable for you.

  • Provide your email address and assign password for your PayPal account, assign a secure password and write the password on page and keep it save in the case you forget the password
  • The PayPal will ask for the confirmation of your email id by sending you a mail. Confirm your email address.
  • Fill in all the required information PayPal asking to. The form will ask all about your personal information like phone number address, mobile number etc.
  • You can also add the number of your credit card or debit card information.
  • Now comes the turn of the bank account information. PayPal needs to be connected with the bank account. If you don’t want to provide the information you can skip the step and can fill some other day.
  • Congratulation you have successfully created PayPal account.

Benefits of PayPal Account:

The benefits of PayPal are as follow:

Security of Credit Cards:

PayPal has a secured system as compared to others. Just one time in the whole process of making the account you enter the information related to the credit card and once it is completed you can do sales and purchases as many times as you want. PayPal keeps the confidential information in between you and the account; hackers cannot get the information while the account is downloading so no need to worry while entering the credit cards information.


PayPal is an easy and convenient way to buy goods and services. Stop worrying about the awkwardness you have to face sometimes when you directly purchase through credit card and it rejects the payment. PayPal has a convenient account that can be linked to various options like a debit card, credit card or personal bank account. Therefore, the action of purchase and sales is done on the first attempt.

Convenient money transfer:

PayPal has made are life’s simple and easy by performing the typical old hectic task of money transferring easy and efficient. Whenever you want, you can transfer money to any corner of the world within few seconds from home.

Application for iPhone users:

PayPal has now introduced its application of the apple istore for its iPhone customers. You just have to visit the istore download the application and start enjoying the convenient service through mobile. You can perform all the action on mobile as well.
When you need to confirm any payment, PayPal will just ask the pin and on entering the pin, the payment is made immediately.


PayPal account is free for its users. These are no hidden charges for using PayPal such as processing fee, annual fee or any other charges. The users of PayPal are getting the tremendous PayPal services free of cost and without any duty.


PayPal offers special discounts with some specific retailers. The users of PayPal can visit the PayPal shopping site and finds the offers and special deals for the PayPal account holders only. The companies that provide the discount to PayPal users includes Barnes & Noble,  HP, Nike, Wal-Mart and many other famous companies.

Process to transfer funds to PayPal from credit card

To make online payments through PayPal sometimes we run out of cash. To solve the problem we can use credit cards to transfer payment to the PayPal account. Listed below is the procedure to transfer cash to PayPal account through credit card:

Step number 1: Log in to the PayPal account


Step number 2: There you will see add funds option under the balance of your PayPal account. Click it.


Step number 3: Select credit card option and enter the amount you want to load to your PayPal account.


Step number 4:

PayPal account will ask for the pin code to confirm the transfer of credit card. Enter pin and click transfer.

Step number 5: Congratulation you have loaded your account.


Your money will be transferred but in case you cannot find money-uploaded contact the customer service of PayPal and let them solve the query.

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