Can you really cheat in online poker?

Can you really cheat in online poker?

http://braingamesaz.comCan you really cheat in online poker? You have a play and you are sure that you will win, but it goes and it happens: you lose. Can we trust online poker?Surely you have already heard certain legends that concern the pitfalls in the poker world. Play that sounds funny to you? Many games without winning? Does it always seem to win the same?We have collated different opinions in order to give you a clear conclusion. Follow to the end! Click here for agen poker.

Advantages of online poker

We know that many do not just convince online poker. You cannot see the face of the rival, you cannot intuit by his gestures if he goes or not bluffing …

Comfort: This factor is as obvious as it is essential. Being able to play from your living room sitting wherever you want without having to go anywhere is what we call comfort.

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Time: You do not need to spend 3 hours in your busy schedule to play. A few free minutes are enough to play a game or even a few. In fact, for those who are accustomed to playing online, a game at a traditional table can sometimes be soporific.

Table: You choose the table where you want to play. If you want to leave the table because it does not convince you, you can do it without a problem and choose another. In addition, one of the great advantages of playing online is that you can play several tables at once. For this, you must be a little understood and be able to keep track of all the games, but if you get it, the benefits you can get increase considerably.

Dexterity: Acquire much faster experience. If you play a game in a real casino, you can play 10 in one online … Do calculations!

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The most popular online poker traps


Plot, collaboration, conspiracy … The trick is to plot the game between two or more players through the phone or instant messaging. If between the two that collaborate there is one that has very good cards, the two players compinchados bet, in spite of the fact that the cards of one of the two are terrible. The two players will always go and even raise the bet. This way they will be encouraging the rest of the table to participate and to bet more money.


The bots or robots are computer software that we can program to play poker in an automatic way.

The first bots were created in 2001, but the mission with which they were designed at that time is far from that of now. The bots were created by software specialists with the idea that humans could play against them to be able to entertain and even train. We’re supposed to use the bots to play for fictional money, never for real money.


The practice consists in having several accounts in the same tournament and even in the same table to increase the chances of winning.

The options that exist today that you can cheat possessing several accounts are practically nonexistent. The security measures of the different casinos and the controls they have make this impossible to carry out.

Conclusion: Online poker with or without cheating?

Online poker without cheating is not a legend: it is a reality.

As much as we think that the operator in which we are playing is not entirely sure, that the players conspire against us or that the cards are tricked, the truth is that it is impossible to cheat.

If you thought that we were going to tell you how to cheat in online poker, we regret to tell you that the answer is: It is not possible

It is impossible that you have done them just as it is impossible for you to do them. Perhaps the problem is the type of plays you are carrying out.